[Press Release] BB Backbone to expand “BBB Spectrum” service coverage for All-Photonics Network (APN) and launch 400ZR compatible services

BB Backbone Corp. (“BB Backbone”), which provides the all-photonics network (APN)*1 service called “BBB Spectrum”*2 in the Tokyo metro area, will significantly expand its service area coverage and will begin offering “400ZR/400ZR+” compatible services, marking a first in Japan*3.


■About expansion of service area

In addition to the current service area (6 major data centers in Tokyo and 2 data centers in its suburbs), BB Backbone will add connectivity to over 100 data centers and office buildings in the Tokyo metro area (urban center). This will enable connections between metro areas within Tokyo, as well as medium- to long-distance connections from metro areas to the outlying Nishi-Tokyo area and Chiba Inzai area, where demand for server farms is high.

BBB Spectrum cover map

■About the service menu for 400ZR/400ZR+

BB Backbone will incorporate 400ZR/400ZR+ compatible services and the 400GbE FR4 interface, which it has tested so far, into the "BBB Spectrum" menu and revamp the provided service menu. Please see the table below for details.


With the inclusion of the newly expanded coverage area, high-capacity connectivity 400ZR/400ZR+ and 400GE FR4 will be available within the "BBB Spectrum" coverage area.


By expanding the service area and adding high-capacity connectivity compatible service options, BB Backbone believes that it cannot only meet the recent demand for high-capacity connectivity, but also contribute to a permanent solution to the depletion of dark fiber in metro areas within Tokyo.


< “BBB Spectrum” service menu list>

BBB Spectrum Menu

*1 All-photonics network

A technology that introduces photonics (optics)-based technology in all sections of a communication network to achieve transmission with low power consumption, high quality, large capacity, and low latency.

*2 BBB Spectrum

A service that uses wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology in fiber to enable transmission of over 100 Gbps per wavelength.

*3 As of November 30, 2023. According to BB Backbone research.


Click here for an overview of BBB Spectrum.


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