BBB Spectrum

Spectrum Service offers over 100Gbps connectivity with market breaking pricing. Our service connects key data center locations in Japan.

Service Overview

By using the OOLS  Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology, we split the dark fiber capacity into wavelength grids (Spectrum) providing low cost high capacity connections. Customers can utilize the new transponder capabilities and use this spectrum grid for connections over 100Gbps, 200Gbps and 400Gbps and over. Spectrum can be a solution to balance the high bandwidth and low connectivity cost.

Customer Benefits


Low Cost

Compared to the 100Gbps private leased circuit in the market, spectrum cost can be lower than half.

High Capacity Service

Customers can utilize the new transponder capabilities and use this spectrum grid for connections over 100Gbps, 200Gbps and 400Gbps and over.


Dark fibers used for the Spectrum service are designed with fiber route diversity. Furthermore, physical BPF (Band Pass Filter) are used to ensure security in optic level.

Short Delivery Time

Delivery time for this Spectrum is very fast. Spectrum Service (Spectrum Grid) or Spectrum Plus Service (Bandwidth) can be installed in One month after customer order.This can be a new solution for upgrading your data center connection.


BBB Spectrum

We perform wavelength division multiplexing on single-mode optical fiber to provide the optical fiber to customers on a wavelength (Spectrum) basis. Connections of at least 100Gbps are possible per single wavelength. Adopting a BPF (Band Pass Filter) prevents interference from other wavelength grid. Therefore, Customers use the service comfortably with high security level that blocks signals to parties other than the customer.

We have also adopted OOLS (Open Optical Line System) that supports a variety of transponders, allowing us to construct connections with Alien Wavelengths connection capabilities.

Alien wavelength connection tests with various transponder manufacturers and device vendors has been completed. These tests confirmed the OOLS connection requirements.
Factors such as optical intensity, frequency, and the tests validated communication quality via bit error testing.

BBB Spectrum Service Menu

Spectrum Grid Route Options
50GHz Single Route
2 Redundant Routes
75GHz Single Route
2 Redundant Routes
100GHz Single Route
2 Redundant Routes

-Optional Services-
BBB Spectrum Plus

As an optional service, BBB will provide the BBB managed transponder service additional to the Spectrum service. Some customers will have difficulty procuring and operating the transponders and BBB will support this needs. Customer interface will be 100GBASE-LR4 and OTU4 and it will be equivalent to the private leased line in the market but much lower pricing.


Spectrum service will be available in the key data center locations in Japan.
Phase 1 will start out in the “Mega” connectivity data centers in Tokyo Metro and gradually expand its service to the key locations between Tokyo Metro area to suburban DCs, Osaka area DCs, between Tokyo and Osaka DC and cable landing stations. Please contact us through our Inquiries form for details on the service.

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