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All Photonic Network Use Case.
New high capacity solution to solve the Metro Dark Fiber resource issue.

SG.GS PTE LTD. (hereinafter referred to as SG.GS) has selected ultra high capacity and low-latency All-photonics network (APN)*2 BBB Spectrum*1, for its Tokyo Metro backbone infrastructure.

Optimal solution to realize high capacity, low latency, and low cost

In the Tokyo metro area, there are many issues to procure dark fiber. First, there are continuous fiber resource issues and optimal fiber routes are very difficult to design. Also secondary diverse route design usually needs long distance resulting in high cost and long installation lead time of over 4 months.

Under these circumstances, BBB Spectrum was proposed as a new solution utilizing the WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology where low cost and ultra high capacity can be realized. Standard lead time for Spectrum is 1.5 months after order and Spectrum became the best choice for SG.GS. Tokyo Metro backbone connectivity.

All Photonic Network Use Case

To use the BBB Spectrum service, customers will need to select the spectrum type (50GHz/100GHz/400 ZR) and prepare transponders to terminate these circuits. Technical match of interoperability of the provided spectrum and transponders are very important and BB Backbone has provided past interoperability test results to SG.GS and supported the smooth Spectrum installation process.

For SG.GS. Spectrum service was provided between the on-net data centers where fully redundant network design can be realized. BB Backbone Spectrum also has the capability to extend to off-net data centers and buildings using fiber access option. 24 hours and 365 days operation and maintenance are provided to ensure the stable network service.

*1 BBB Spectrum
Connectivity service that uses WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) technology for over 100Gbps connectivity service.

*2 All-photonics network
Technology that uses photonics (optics)-based technology between the required sites for high capacity ,low latency, low power consumption network.

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