sXGP Business


sXGP Business

We provide a communications solution with the sXGP (shared XGP) system, in which coexistent specifications with other systems, based on the TD-LTE system standardized by 3GPP, are added. This solution seamlessly connects the traditional private telephone network (PBX) to an outdoor mobile telephone network or an external landline telephone network as a way to improve customer convenience. In addition, the improved autonomy and robustness of the on-premises system offers excellent workable alternatives in mission-critical areas such as medicine or infrastructure.

usage cases

Based on a history of the LTE system’s reliability and universal prevalence, the sXGP system provides a highly reliable and inexpensive communication network (compared to a mobile telephone network), leveraging the benefit of an owned-operated wireless service that does not require a license. Moreover, we provide a seamless connection with the public telecommunication network.

Future on-premises use – Concept

As an example of future system expansion, we will provide a system that features a secure authentication method using the LTE system, such as wireless data collection from IoT sensors.

Migration to the sXGP system

We provide voice calls similar to usual owned-operated communication through smartphones using the LTE system (compatible with sXGP) in business domain that you can take advantage of the owned-oparated communication system (i.e., hospitals, factories, power plants, railways, etc.).