We conducted the sXGP field test

July 31, 2018
BB Backbone Corp.

 BB Backbone Corp. (hereafter, BB Backbone), as a wireless station that does not require a license, conducted a field test using the 1.9GHz band in a general environment to realize the commercial service of “sXGP system”, a new wireless technology based on the TD-LTE system.


 In January 2018, each XGP forum member company jointly executed a connection test with the “sXGP system” in our laboratory environment. This was the first time that a field test was conducted in a general environment. (Co-host: HATS Conference (Secretariat: Communications and Information Network Association of Japan (CIAJ) / Chairman: Tadao Saito (Honorary professor, Tokyo University))


<Reference: Connection test between IP-PBX – sXGP terminals – Result (Published on March 23, 2018)>


  We implemented the field test in an indoor sXGP system environment connected to the cloud core, assuming that the end user actually uses the system. After testing the actual machine in this environment, we verified that we can easily provide a voice service or a communication service. We also verified that the data communication speed is almost the same as the theoretical value. We will provide additional details in future newsletters.


  We will perform more field tests to launch the “sXGP Service” using smartphones currently in wide use.



■About XGP Forum

XGP (eXtended Global Platform) Forum was founded as a new non-profitable organization evolving from PHS MoU (a narrowband TDD-based microcell system) in 2009. Having adopted the advantages of cell design-free structure, high- frequency utilization efficiency, and etc., XGP forum has standardized specifications and also promoted services of mobile broadband system fully compatible with TD-LTE. In recent years, we have been actively involved with the migration of 1.9GHz “radio stations of digital cordless telephones” to a new, LTE-based radio system (sXGP system).

■HATS Conference

The Promotion Conference for the Harmonization of Advanced Telecommunication Systems (HATS) was established in 1988 by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to verify the interoperability among communication devices. We had validated 1,539 devices (i.e., PBX, TV conference systems, optical access devices, faxes, etc.) by the end of 2016. We have co-hosted a connection test between IP-PBX – sXGP terminal and issued certificates to companies that have passed the test and joined HATS.

■About BB Backbone

BB Backbone (“BBB”), established in February, 2002, mainly provides fiber-optic cables and installation services. As an active telecommunications operator, BBB will offer end-to-end solutions that enable a “Carrier’s Carrier” interoperability with multi-mobile and other telecommunications operators. BBB will take the lead in promoting proliferation of sXGP system and work in harmony with all XGP and sXGP Partnership Program members.


sXGP Promotion Office
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