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SDGs activity results


BB Backbone activity of Marine Pollution "Zero" week known as "Umi Gomi Zero Week" promoted by Nippon Foudation.

Among the ongoing environmental problems around the world, one of the most serious problem is the marine pollution.

At our company, as a first step to further align our business with the goals of the SDGs and raise awareness of the SDGs among our employees, we conducted a beach cleanup activity during the "Marine Pollution " Zero" week" initiative through external activities.

In addition to simple cleanup activities, we also set aside time to learn about the breakdown of marine debris and its impact on the ecosystem, in an effort to improve employees' understanding and awareness of the SDGs. For example, by learning that artificial turf accounts for a large proportion of the microplastics that are released, and by confirming that many of the plastic pieces actually collected are green, environmental problems can be seen in real life rather than just on paper. This made me realize even more that this is a serious problem.

Through this activity, we have been able to raise the awareness of our employees and have further clarified the direction of our company's policies and activities regarding the SDGs. We will continue these activities, explore ways to address SDGs within our business, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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