Data Security Policy

BB Backbone Corp. (hereafter collectively called “BB Backbone”) has developed “Information Security Policy” in order to always get the trust of society including our customers by taking drastic and high-level measures against the risk of information leakage. BB Backbone intends, from now on, to comply with “Information Security Policy” and “privacy policy” as separately indicated and maintain information security by protecting information assets from various threats and by properly handling them.
1.Coverage of Information Security Policy
“Information assets” covered by this policy are information obtained or known in the ordinary course of BB Backbone’s business and all the information held by BB Backbone for its business. All of BB Backbone’s “Directors and employees” who are engaged in handling and controlling these information assets as well as “outsourcing agents and their employees” who deal with BB Backbone’s information assets must comply with Information Security Policy.
2.Build up a highly secured information security
management structure to gain the society’s confidence at any time through making every possible effort to protect all information assets held by BB Backbone as well as complying with the information security-related statutes and other rules.
3.Assignment of “Chief Information Security Officer”
We will assign “Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)”, which enables BB Backbone to take proactive actions to have accurate visibility of the company-wide information security status and to promptly take necessary measures.
4.Development of information security-related company rules
Develop company rules based on Information Security Policy to demonstrate the clear policy for not only the personal information but also information assets in general as well as internally and externally keep everyone informed about BB Backbone’s tough stance against the information leaks.
5.Strengthened management structure of outsourcing agents
Request outsourcing agents to keep a security level which is the same or more than that of BB Backbone by fully examining eligibility of the outsourcing agents when outsourcing operations. In addition, BB Backbone intends to continuously review the outsourcing agents to reinforce contracts’ terms with intent to confirm without interruption that the security level is adequately maintained.
6.Development/enhancement of audit structure
Further develop the structure which enables BB Backbone to carry out internal audits of compliance with Information Security Policy, the company rules and other relevant rules.
7.Implementation of system with full information security measures
Implement a fully protected system against unauthorized access to, leaks, modification, loss, destruction or hindered use, of the information assets. As preventive measures, BB Backbone gets involved in this issue with the view to completely manage access to data or systems such as working in a highly secure area, preventing unauthorized users from accessing data base
8.Enhancement of information security literacy
Ensure that the employees, etc. are given security education/training and that all people engaged in BB Backbone’s information assets perform activities with the information security literacy.

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