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Personal Information Protection Principles

Please note that this document is an unofficial translation. The original release is in Japanese.
BB Backbone Corp. (hereafter called “BB Backbone”) works for implementation of the following matters to ensure full compliance with “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”, “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure”, “Guideline concerning Protection of Personal Information in Telecommunications Business”, “Guidelines for proper handling of Specific Personal Information (for private entities)” and others to protect personal information.
1.Strengthened employees’ training

Provide all of BB Backbone employees and temporary staffers who handle personal data with training at least once a year as well as create learning materials on personal data handling to distribute to all of BB Backbone employees and temporary staffers.

2.Development of company rules concerning personal data handling

Ensure that tough stance of BB Backbone against leakage of personal data is fully communicated in BB Backbone as well as develop company rules concerning personal data handling to present a clear policy for handling of personal data.

3.Placement and enhanced functions of “chief privacy officer”

Build up a structure with visible roles to comply with laws and guidelines, develop relevant company rules, build up an audit structure and oversee the handling of personal data as well as place “chief privacy officer” to appoint information security manager as such officer.

4.Implementation of appropriate measures for information security

Implement necessary and appropriate measures to administer access to personal data, limit taking-out of personal data and prevent unauthorized access from outside with intent to prevent personal data from being leaked, lost or damaged and safely control personal data.

5.Outsourced operations

(1)Outsource, in some cases, all or part of its personal data handling operations in sales of various services, response to customers’ inquiries, facility maintenance, tariff-related works, marketing tasks and other related works.

(2) Fully examine the eligibility of outsourcing agents when concluding outsourcing agreements. Further, set out safety management measures, confidentiality, terms of subcontract and proper handling of personal data in such outsourcing agreements and oversee BB Backbone’s outsourcing agents in an appropriate manner by regularly monitoring outsourced operations.

In addition, BB Backbone complies with article 4 of the telecommunication business law concerning the secrecy of communication and other relevant regulations when providing third parties including outsourcing agents with telecommunication subscribers’ information for those outsourced operations.

(3)Use personal data provided by an outsourcer in association with the acceptance of outsourced operations to the extent necessary for the purpose of the agreement with such outsourcer.

6.Setup/Enhancement of audit structure

Set up an audit structure which enables BB Backbone to internally audit whether personal data is properly protected.
Further, study the implementation procedures for an access log-based audit because it is considered to be effective to detect a person who leaks personal data as early as possible and to prevent possible leaks from occurring with such restraining effects.

7.Proper acquisition, use, provision and announcement of personal information

Upon acquiring personal information, BB Backbone legally and fairly obtains personal information by means of application forms, web site or verbal explanation upon clarifying the purpose of use of such personal information. Upon using and providing personal data, and upon announcing retained personal data, BB Backbone properly performs the act by considering details and a scale of business.
If BB Backbone receives personal information from a third party, BB Backbone complies with the laws regarding the protection of personal information, respects the philosophy of personal information protection of the provider, Will be handled according to the conditions stipulated in the contract concluded between the two.

8.Continuous improvement of personal information protection-related activities

Continuously attempt to review/improve the activities stated in paragraph 1 through 7 above.


BB Backbone may revise all or a part of the present “Personal Information Protection Principles”. In the event of a material change, BB Backbone announces it on its official web site in an easily comprehensible manner.

Coverage of “Personal Information Protection Principles”

“Personal information”, “personal data” and “retained personal data” in “Personal Information Protection Principles” means those words that are defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and the target doesn’t matter whether it is the customer of BB Backbone, employees of business partners or of BB Backbone. “Personal Information Protection Principles” applies, unless otherwise stated in each paragraph, to all personal information acquired by BB Backbone, and to all personal data managed by BB Backbone.

Handling of Personal Information in Telecommunication Business

Please note that this document is an unofficial translation. The original release is in Japanese.
For the purpose of providing telecommunications services, etc., BB Backbone Corp. (hereafter called “BB Backbone”) uses, with personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes below. BB Backbone will not obtain personal information by false statements or unlawful means. In addition, when sharing or providing to a third party, we will obtain it by legal and fair means and methods such as obtaining the consent of the person.

(1)Purpose of use of personal information

1.Customer support such as giving responses to customers inquiries, information on procedures to use BB Backbone’s services or other information services
2.Charge calculation
4.Prevention of unauthorized use of BB Backbone’s services. In addition Investigation and response when it occurs
5.Improvement of convenience and quality improvement of BB Backbone’s services, research and development of new services, and various marketing research and analysis for these purposes
6.Preparation of statistical data for management analysis and improvement of contents, service, etc. and the use of the results of such analysis
7.Guidance, etc. on products, services and campaigns of BB Backbone and other companies, and delivery, indication and optimization of advertisement of BB Backbone and other companies
8.Notice to inform about information provision to contribute to the development of information and communication industry and improvements in customer service
9.Support operations such as construction, maintenance, and troubleshooting for BB Backbone services
10.Business required for interconnection with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation (NTT West), and contractors necessary to provide our services
11.For performing other operations necessary for providing BB Backbone’s services and ancillary services

In addition, BB Backbone will clarify the purpose of use and obtain prior consent from customers whenever using the relevant personal information for any purpose other than those above mentioned.

Modification of the purpose of use
When BB Backbone modifies the purpose of use, BB Backbone does not change the purpose of use beyond the scope which is reasonably considered that the purpose of use after the change is duly related to that before the change.

(2)When we provide personal data handled by us to a third party, we will process it into information that cannot be identified by an individual.

(3)BB Backbone properly handles information in relation to the secrecy of communication such as communication and call logs or caller’s information in accordance with Article 4 of the Telecommunication Business Law, other relevant rules and guidelines.

(4)In addition, when personal information related to the landowners, leaseholders, and/or operators of telecommunications facilities, etc., is gathered, the purpose of its use shall be clarified for each instance of collection.

Disclosure of retained personal data
We will respond to requests from the individual regarding notification, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, suspension of provision to third parties, etc. of the purpose of use of retained personal data, so please contact the following inquiry window. I will. In addition, we will accept complaints regarding the handling of personal information at the same window below.
Contact point for inquiries regarding personal information

The following is assigned by us as an approved organization to protect personal information and to accept grievance resolution requests.

Contact:Telecommunications Personal Information Protection Promotion Center (Japan Data Communications Association)
A receptionist phone number:03-5907-3803 (charged)
Service hours:10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00 (Monday through Friday)
(excluding public holidays and year-end through New Year holidays)

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