BB Backbone and Cisco Successfully Verified Long-Distance Transmission by Utilizing Transceivers Compliant with 400G OpenZR+ Standard

December 22, 2022
BB Backbone Corp.
Cisco Systems G.K.




BB Backbone Corp. (President and CEO: Hidetoshi Tosaka; Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) and Cisco Systems G.K. ("Cisco", President and CEO: Ichiro Nakagawa, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) have successfully completed the verification of long-distance transmission of BB Backbone's wavelength service "B³ Spectrum" using Cisco’s transceiver “Cisco 400G QSFP-DD ZR+”, “Cisco 8000 Series Routers (OpenZR+ compliant)” and “Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) 5700 Series Routers (OpenZR+ compliant)”, with which the practicality of the system was confirmed.



With the 400G long-distance transceivers, high-capacity and long-distance IP over DWDM configurations are expanding without transponders (Figure 1). OpenZR+ is the standard for 400G transceiver which is essential to configure IPoDWDM.
In conjunction with the availability of Cisco 400G QSFP-DD ZR+ transceivers, which are compliant with OpenZR+, we verified the practicality of long-distance transmission using BB Backbone's wavelength service, B³ Spectrum.



(Figure 1) Transponder-based and IPoDWDM configurations



■ Validation Frame Work
This verification work utilized “Cisco 400G QSFP-DD ZR+”, “Cisco 8201-32FH” of the
Cisco 8000 Series and the “Cisco NCS 57B1-6D24-SYS” of the NCS 5700 Series. These routes were configured and constructed on the commercial network environment with a transmission distance of 80 km to 90 km. After checking optical signal waveforms and the effects of crosstalk, we could transmit 400 Gbps without any quality problems in an open DWDM line system environment.


(Figure 2) Cisco 400G QSFP-DD ZR+


The "Cisco 400G QSFP-DD ZR+" is a 400G pluggable coherent optical module compliant with the OpenZR+ standard based on Acacia Greylock 7nm DSP.
It can support QPSK, 8-QAM and 16-QAM modulation schemes for transmission rates from 100G to 400G per wavelength. In this verification, we succeeded in transmitting 400Gbps.


(Figure 3) Cisco 8201-32FH (Cisco 8000 Series Router)


The Cisco 8201-32FH is a 1U router that supports 400 GbE, ZR, and ZR+, and can transmit at up to 12.8 Tbps.


(Figure 4) Cisco NCS 57B1-6D24-SYS (Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) 5700 Series Router)


The Cisco NCS 57B1-6D24-SYS is a 1U router that supports 400 GbE, ZR, and ZR+, with a maximum transmission rate of 4.8 Tbps.



■What is the OpenZR+ standard
OpenZR+ emerged as a result of the increasing white-boxing of optical transmission,is an MSA standard established on the foundation of OpenROADM and 400ZR, a long-haul, high-capacity OIF standard. Not similar to 400ZR, the transmission rate can be changed from 100G to 400G to suit transmission characteristics and applications (Table 1). It has high tolerance to wavelength dispersion, and the O-FEC algorithm allows transmission up to pre-FEC BERs higher than 400ZR (Table 1).


(Table 1) 400ZR and OpenZR+ Specifications



■Future Outlook
BB Backbone will continue to promote user-first development, verification, and provisioning of B³ Spectrum, which is less expensive than leased lines, therefore more customers can build networks efficiently and cost-effectively.



■BB Backbone
Company name : BB Backbone Corp.
Head Office : 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative : Hidetoshi Tosaka, President and Representative Director
Capital : 1.26 billion yen (a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp.)



Company name : Cisco Systems G.K.
Location : Midtown Tower, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative : Ichiro Nakagawa, President and Representative Executive Officer
Capital :450 million yen(100% owned by Cisco Systems Netherlands Holdings B.V.)



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