BB Backbone newly launches “BBB Spectrum Service” between Otemachi and Ariake Area

BB Backbone newly launches “BBB Spectrum Service” between Otemachi and Ariake Area

Alien Wavelength Connectivity with 9 vendors/11 kinds of transponders started from IDCF


September 13th, 2019

BB Backbone Corporation


BB Backbone Corp. (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidetoshi Tosaka), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., newly launched its “BBB Spectrum” service for telecommunication carriers, OTT*1 operators, major ISPs*2 and CSPs*3 between Otemachi and Ariake area on July 2019.


About “BBB Spectrum” Service

“BBB Spectrum” is able to outfit a maximum of 96 wavelengths on 2 cores of optical fibers, which makes more than 100Gbps transmission achievable. “BBB Spectrum” will be provided in wavelength units to customers, who may use transmission services at prices more reasonable than dark fiber services.


Alien Wavelength Connectivity

“BBB Spectrum” makes it possible to connect with various transponders*4. We adopted Fujitsu products for our ROADM*5, named “FUJITSU Network 1FINITY.” It enables the maintenance of Alien Wavelength Connectivity. We have already verified connectivity with 11 different kinds of transponders from 9 vendors. In this test, we examined if each transponder met the requirements of ROADM through optic characteristic measurements including optical power, frequency and securement of the transmission quality by bit error rate test.
As a result, we succeeded in demonstrating WDM transmission*6 that can be transmitted with other vendors signals simultaneously as we shared and reported at the JANOG44*7.




Launched in Nihonbashi DC& Ariake DC of IDC Frontier for the first step

As the first step of “BBB Spectrum,” BB Backbone launched Spectrum Service at two Data Centers of IDC Frontier in Nihonbashi and Ariake, Tokyo. IDC Frontier is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., and we will maintain a collaborative relationship to expand service provision areas from now on.
Masaki Hayashi, Head, Network division of IDC Frontier commented as follows:
“We are very pleased to provide ‘BBB spectrum.’ We jointly verified that it secures transmission quality, and we decided to use ‘BBB spectrum’ for our backbone use. We expect that ‘BBB Spectrum’ will allow Japan-based companies to use optical fibers flexibly at lower cost and IDC Frontier will also provide innovative network solutions with BB Backbone.”



Future Outlook

In recent years, video data services and SNS are rapidly developing on the Internet, and the expansion of broadcast content such as 4K/8K and the spread of 5G services is highly expected.
BB Backbone will strive to satisfy the needs of every customer by offering highly convenient and more reasonable services, contributing to the development of network environments as well as revitalizing the IT industry in Japan.
In the future, we will expand “BBB spectrum” provision areas not only to central DCs in Tokyo but also to suburbs of Kanto such as the Inzai-area in Chiba. Moreover, we will develop the service in Dojima and Saito area, Osaka, and other major cities in Japan, covering the nation.


*1 OTT:Over The Top. Business operators that provide video/voice content or services.
*2 ISP:Internet Service Provider. Business Operators that provide Internet connection services.
*3 CSP:Cloud Solution Provider. Business Operators that provide cloud services.
*4 Transponder:Transponder: A transponder is an automatic electronic monitoring or control device that receives, cross-examines, amplifies and retransmits the arriving signal. It is primarily implemented in wireless communication. The word ‘Transponder’ itself is a combination of two words; transmitter and responder.
*5 ROADM:Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer. A device that can add, block, pass or redirect modulated infrared (IR) and visible light beams of various wavelengths in a fiber optic network. ROADMs are used in systems that employ wavelength division multiplexing.
*6 WDM transmission:wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) is a technology or technique modulating numerous data streams, i.e. optical carrier signals of varying wavelengths (colors) of laser light, onto a single optical fiber.
*7 JANOG44: conference held by Internet technologist called “Japan Network Operators’ Group (JANOG)” from 24th-26th July 2019 in Kobe. Some attendees participate in discussions, review and introduction of technical topics regarding Internet.


BB Backbone Corp. profile
Company name: BB Backbone Corp.
Headquarters: 1-9-1, Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hidetoshi Tosaka, President
Capital: 1,260M JPY (wholly-owned subsidiary of SoftBank Corp.)


BB Backbone Corp. Sales Planning & Business Section, Taka Ohta/Yuka Naito

Contact Us
Tel: +81-03-6889-1255

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