BB Backbone launches new service “B³ Spectrum 400ZR/400ZR+” at MC Digital Realty NRT10 Data Center



July 19, 2023
BB Backbone Corp.


BB Backbone launches new service

“B³ Spectrum 400ZR/400ZR+” at MC Digital Realty NRT10 Data Center


400 Gbps service is the first of its kind in the Inzai area



BB Backbone Corp. ("BB Backbone") has launched a new service “B³ Spectrum 400ZR/400ZR+” to expand its data center, co-location and interconnection services in Japan, where MC Digital Realty K.K. ("MCDR") at has its Tokyo Daiichi Data Centre ("NRT10 Data Centre")  from July 3, 2023.


The 400Gbps high-bandwidth, low-latency transmission service is the first of its kind at a data center in the Inzai area, one of Japan's leading data center locations, and customers can utilize B³Spectrum 400ZR/400ZR+ in combination with MCDR's data centers to build a convenient and efficient digital infrastructure by solving the problems of circuit installation costs and transmission delays caused by the geographical distance between Tokyo and Inzai. Previously, due to the speed and distance limitations of the transceivers, direct transmission over medium to long distances could not be directly carried out using routers alone. Now the network configuration, which used to be done with transponders, can be carried out without transponders by utilizing 400ZR transceivers.


By using B³ Spectrum 400ZR/400ZR+, customers and partners can simplify network design and equipment by eliminating transponders with lower network structure costs, and in addition, utilize the familiar and favorite routers connected with it. Moreover, since it is optimized network designed for low-power consumption, customers can expect to achieve significant cost reductions as well as lower network environment burdens.





BB Backbone continues to work to improve the convenience of Data Center Interconnection (DCI) between data centers and further expands its service area. An optional service for B³ Spectrum 400ZR/400ZR+ is also available, which enables access to neighboring data centers outside the coverage area.


MCDR has high-quality, large-scale data center campuses for cloud providers, hyperscalers, large IT companies, content providers, as well as small- and medium-scale data centers for enterprise customers (co-location services) in the Tokyo and Kansai regions. In response to the scalability needs of customers, MCDR's NRT campuses, including the NRT10 data center, are currently constructing the NRT12 data center, a large-scale data center with 36 MW of power for servers (scheduled to be in service in early 2024). With additional development in the future, the campus will have a total capacity of over 120 MW in the future.


BB Backbone and MCDR will continue to respond quickly to technological innovations in DCI to meet customers' needs for further high-bandwidth connectivity and contribute to the expansion of digital platforms.



■About BB Backbone Corp.

Company name : BB Backbone Corp.

Head office : 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Representative : Hidetoshi Tosaka, President and CEO

Capital : 100 million yen (100% owned by SoftBank Corp.)




■About MC Digital Realty

Company name : MC Digital Realty, Inc.

Head Office : 12F Tokyo Toranomon Global Square, 1-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Representative : Takanari Hatakeyama, President and Representative Director

Capital:200 million yen (50% owned by Mitsubishi Corporation, 50% by Digital Realty)




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