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BBB and JRWON Agree on Collaboration to Provide “Osaka NANIWA Ring”

An optical fiber ring connecting major data centers in Osaka metro area



June 23, 2022
BB Backbone Corp.



BB Backbone Corp. ("BBB"), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., and JR WEST OPTICAL NETWORK Corp. ("JRWON"), a provider of optical fiber core line services in western Japan, today announced an agreement for collaboration to provide "Osaka NANIWA Ring".


"Osaka NANIWA Ring" service area


“Osaka NANIWA Ring” is an optical fiber route connecting the newly constructed Osaka Business Park Data Center (location: Kyobashi area, Osaka) with Dojima and Sonezaki, where the major data centers in Osaka are located. The ring leverages JRWON's fiber-optic route for railroads and BBB's fiber-optic knowhow. BBB and JRWON plan to launch the "Osaka NANIWA Ring" in early 2023.

"Osaka NANIWA Ring" will meet the diverse connectivity needs of major data center operators in Osaka as well as companies looking to expand their own networks. And this ring will provide seamless, highly stable, reliable, and high-quality optical fiber services based on a fusion-spliced ring structure.




Hidetoshi Tosaka, President and CEO, BB Backbone Corp.
“Since the company's establishment in 2002, BBB has been engaged in network expansion throughout Japan as the first dark fiber wholesaler. Through this partnership with JRWON, BBB has now decided to build an optical fiber network connecting the central Osaka area and the Osaka suburban area, where telecommunication traffic has been increasing remarkably in recent years. We strongly believe that the Osaka Naniwa Ring, which is connecting data centers, will become a hub for the entire western Japan area.
BBB, together with JRWON, will contribute to improving network convenience for domestic and overseas operators and revitalizing the IT and IoT fields.”


Takashi Yamauchi, President and CEO, JR WEST OPTICAL NETWORK Corp.
“We are very pleased to have signed this partnership agreement with BBB and would like to thank everyone involved. JRWON has been promoting its business to contribute to the improvement of network convenience in the JR West area through the provision of new lines.
This time, we will construct the ‘Osaka NANIWA Ring’ in Osaka, where demand for telecommunications is increasing, and we are confident that the collaboration with BBB will result in a unique and high-quality fiber-optic ring unlike any we have seen before. Please look forward to it.
JRWON will continue to work with BBB to provide infrastructure solutions to social issues in the information and telecommunications field.”




■About BBB
Company name: BB Backbone Corp.
Headquarters location: 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hidetoshi Tosaka, President and CEO
Capital Reserve: 2.31 billion yen (100% owned by SoftBank Corp.)


<Business Overview>
Since 2017, BB Backbone has been investing aggressively in the Osaka area, considering it an important hub on the same level as Tokyo. Currently, BB Backbone provides fiber optic services between Dojima and Shinsaibashi and from Osaka City to Minoh.


■About JRWON
Headquarters location: 1-7-1 Minami Suita, Suita City, Osaka, Japan
Representative: Takashi Yamauchi, President and CEO
Capital:50 million yen (100% owned by West Japan Railway Company)


<Business Overview>
Since its establishment in July 2021, JRWON has been supporting customers' network construction with high quality, reliable, and convenient optical fiber installed along JR West's Sanyo Shinkansen Line and conventional lines in western Japan area.




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